JUN 20 2018

Linkifier Summer Offer is Here!!

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Aug 25 2015

Defense Grid: Gold [FINAL]

Defense Grid: Gold [FINAL]
Defense Grid: Gold [FINAL]

Defense Grid: Gold [FINAL]|Genre: Tower Defense|478 mb

Defense Grid Gold is a special compilation of the highly acclaimed tower defense game, Defense Grid: The Awakening, and extra packs Borderlands and Resurgence. In all, Defense Grid Gold includes 32 environments and over 130 challenge modes. It offers a unique spin on tower defense gameplay that will appeal to players of all skill levels. A horde of enemies is invading, and you must stop them by strategically building fortification towers around their base. Beautiful environments, spectacular effects, and a dynamic, engaging soundtrack bring the world to life. The controls are intuitive and the gameplay is deep; special attacks and the properties of each tower work together to provide endless options for defense!

Aug 25 2015

Reel Deal Slot Quest: The Museum Escape [FINAL]

Reel Deal Slot Quest: The Museum Escape [FINAL]|164 MB
Embark on a Reel Deal Slot Quest in The Museum Escape. Trapped in the museum after dark, you are shocked to see the exhibits come alive! In order to escape the museum you must battle through the challenges set forth by the leaders of all four exhibits. You'll play and unlock four unique slot machines on your quest to escape the museum, each with their own unique features and bonus rounds. Put your luck to the test in Slot Quest: The Museum Escape!

Aug 25 2015

Reel Deal Slots: American Adventure [FINAL]

Reel Deal Slots: American Adventure [FINAL]|508 MB

Reel Deal Slots American Adventure takes you on a fun-filled tour of the United States of America! Beat each state's Silver Challenges to unlock new slot machines, or try to conquer the Gold Challenges to earn enchanted super high payback machines. Featuring 20 of of the most popular Slot Club downloads, American Adventure brings you all of the exciting action of casino slots to your fingertips! Enjoy your personal adventure without ever wagering any real money!

Aug 25 2015

Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom [FINAL]

Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom [FINAL]|22 MB
Embark on a journey through Ancient China! This classic mahjong adventure will take you through a fabulous story as you experience museum quality art, and unique gameplay modes that make this a truly original game. As you progress from level to level, a beautifully illustrated story is revealed, immersing you in a blooming game experience. Mahjong Tales takes this classic game to another dimension!
3 gamplay modes.
9 tiles sets.
In-game board editor.


Aug 24 2015

Ninepin Bowling Simulator [FINAL]

Ninepin Bowling Simulator [FINAL]|21 MB

Ninepin Bowling Simulator is a digital version of the wildly popular German sport. Play with the computer or with friends in the local multiplayer mode. Roll the ball and knock down as many pins as you can. This game is realistic bowling fun. Take the bowling alley home! Play Ninepin Bowling Simulator today!
Classic Ninepin Bowling gameplay
Realistic physics engine for a realistic bowling simulator
Play against friends or the computer (up to 9 players)


Aug 23 2015

Egyptian Dreams 3 [FINAL]

Egyptian Dreams 3 (POKIE MAGIC) [FINAL]| 5MB
Win up to 51 free spins in this six reel Egyptian themed pokie extravaganza. Are the pyramids on your side? Find out by downloading the games below and testing your luck!

If you get up four or more pyramids during any spin, the feature starts. Your free spins on this slot machine are awarded according to how many pyramids are showing:
4 pyramids: you win 17 free spins, all pays DOUBLED.
5 pyramids: you win 34 free spins, all pays DOUBLED.
6 pyramids: you win 51 free spins, all pays TRIPLED.

thanx to TAC-CM
Aug 22 2015

Aztec Invaders (Pokie Magic) [FINAL]

Aztec Invaders (Pokie Magic) [FINAL]|10 MB
Experience the mysterious powers of the Ancient Aztecs in Aztec Invaders. Bow to the all powerful Xochiquetzal as you harness the power of the third reel and bring amazing wins through the exciting free games. The gold sun disk will power your wins. Can you get enough flowers to trigger the flower feature? Try it now and see!

thanx to TAC-CM
Aug 22 2015

Monkey Money (Pokie Magic) [FINAL]

Monkey Money (Pokie Magic) [FINAL]
Monkey Money (Pokie Magic) [FINAL]

Monkey Money [FINAL]|19 mb
The cheeky monkey grins his way to huge wins in Monkey Money! The first Pokie Magic game ever to have two scatter symbols!
During normal play the Monkey acts as a wildcard and substitutes for all symbols except scattered butterflies and bananas. Wildcards multiply your wins by three


Aug 22 2015

Monkey Money 2 (Pokie Magic )[FINAL]

Monkey Money 2 (Pokie Magic )[FINAL]
Monkey Money 2 (Pokie Magic )[FINAL]
Monkey Money 2 (Pokie Magic )[FINAL]
Monkey Money 2 (Pokie Magic) [FINAL] | 81 mb
The monkey is back, and he's brought a tuxedo! With 8 different game features and 25 or 50 paylines, it's Monkey Money 2 HD! Can you accomplish all 45 special achievements? Try it now and see...


Aug 20 2015



Dr. Rose Thompson, biologist, needs your assistance with her experiments. She is working to create and preserve new species of flowers. Help her make different combinations of proteins that will become new cells, which will eventually grow into amazing flowers. Watch out for viruses that will contaminate her experiment! DNA is the evolved puzzle game!
3 gameplay modes.
Save and compare high scores.
Unique gameplay.
Classic Game from 2006

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